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LANDCARE MED philosophy

The load-bearing idea of the LANDCARE MED system is that of leaving a tangible mark in the mentality and attitudes of citizens and producers by taking care of the environmental implications relied to the production and consumption of goods destined to become waste. The most effective path to pursue is that of begetting a circular system of advantages which both the environment and the citizen could benefit from. The advantage consists of the citizens’ awareness of the urging environmental issue and consequent willingness to turn the tide through their power of influencing –while purchasing– a more sustainable production of goods and consequently an easier and more sustainable disposal of waste.

Label Agreement

On the basis of the above mentioned approach LANDCARE MED promotes the signature of a Label Agreement as a warranty of the quality of the purchased product. The Agreement is signed by LANDCARE MED and the company/industry interested in being accredited by the Eco-Label. The signing of the Label Agreement is profitable for the company/industry that would benefit from the added value deriving from being endowed with an Eco-Label. The label will be positive to the same extent for the citizens who can be offered the opportunity to purchase products easier to be separated for recycling, consequently enhancing the market demand for environmentally-friendly products.

Obligations for the Company

  • Displaying the LANDCARE MED Label according to the indication provided by the LANDCARE MED workgroup.
  • Promoting the LANDCARE MED philosophy by performing its activities?

Obligations for LANDCARE MED

  • Providing the Company with all the necessary technical information on waste management.
  • Promoting and advertising the outstanding behaviour of the Company/Industry on the LANDCARE MED website and social media.


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