Local Agreement

In an effort to extend its purposes well beyond the duration of the Project, LANDCARE MED promotes the signature of Local Agreements for the exchange of know-how and transfer of good practices on waste management at the level of the Mediterranean Basin.

This Agreement aims at promoting a new approach to waste management within the euro-Mediterranean area. By acting at local level, the agreement promotes a new strategy able to lead to the abolition of the idea of waste for the most correct and sustainable concept of recyclable material. A revolution that starts from the citizen and involves all the spheres of social life: cultural, educational, social and economic.



The parties agree to work together and to develop programs and activities in order to reach the following objectives:

  • promote the objectives, activities and results of the LANDCARE MED project with stakeholders in the field of waste management in Mediterranean areas;
  • seek additional funding that may contribute to the implementation and replication of LANDCARE MED;
  • identify all the necessary information for the identification of Best Practices in the field of waste management and promoting the dissemination of these practices;
  • reach further agreements and promote the signing of additional agreements between different actors in the field of waste management;
  • proposals for the adoption of new more effective policies in the field of waste management submitted to concerned public authorities of the Euro-Mediterranean area.



Basic tools for achieving the objectives could be documents, manuals and guidelines produced by the LANDCARE MED project. In particular:

  • Manual of Best Practice on Rural Waste Management
  • Guidelines containing proposals for improving on Public Policies
  • Guidelines for the waste pre-treatment and prevention procedures
  • Didactical material for students and citizens



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