Newsletter no.1 - LANDCARE MED at a glance

LANDCARE MED at a glance

A new rural waste management strategy in Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon

To date, the Mediterranean rural communities’ modus operandi in the field of waste management and recycling cannot be judged as optimal.
A change in attitudes is urgent!
With LANDCARE MED a new integrated strategy and exchange of good practices in the field of rural waste management will be provided.

The project in brief


An international team
A significant partnership made by municipalities, universities and private companies from Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon. The LANDCARE MED partners are: Municipality of Decimoputzu, University of Cagliari, Lebanon University, Municipality of Haret Saida, Municiplity of Zebdin, South Services &Contracting, Higher School of Rural Equipment Engineers – HSREE, Municipality of Medjez El Bab and ANCI.


During the days of 5 and 6 of May, the Project has been officially launched in the Municipality of Decimoputzu!
The representatives of the partnership have discussed all together about the main issues of LANDCARE MED, with the importnat help of the ENPI CBCMED officers.
Finally, during the evening of the 6, the project has been introduced to the citizens of Decimoputzu.
Look at the photos and the videos of the event.


LANDCARE MED is social!

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