Newsletter no.2 - LANDCARE MED between Conference and Network


20 and 21st of November: the first LANDCARE MED conferences

On November 20, will be held the First Conference on Sustainable Waste Management in Lebanon. On November 21, the First Conference on Treatment of rural waste: scientific aspects and capitalization. The events will be attended by representatives of the Managing Authority and of the Joint Monitoring Committee of the ENPI CBC MED Programme, the Delegation of the European Union and the Italian Delegation in Lebanon, as well as academics scientist from Lebanon, Tunisia and Italy. 

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The LANDCARE MED Cross-Border Network

LANDCARE MED has an ambitious goal: to change the current mentality in waste management at the level of the Mediterranean Basin.  A revolution in which the citizen is at the center of a project aimed at abolishing the concept of refuse in order to replace it with a more appropriate and sustainable concept of recyclable material.

Are two years enough to perform a revolution? Probably no.. For these reasons the LANDCARE MED partnership created the Cross-Border Network for the exchange of know-how and transfer of good practices on waste management at the level of the Mediterranean Basin.

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LANDCARE MED: a project always on the move

It could be to discuss about technical aspects or maybe for financial issues or about seminars at schools.

In fact the Municipality of Decimoputzu and University of Cagliari went to Lebanon and to Tunisia for seminars in Beirut and in Medjez el Bab. But also Lebanese partners South Service and Municipality of Zebdine performed missions to Italy.

Cooperation means meeting people and sharing good practices and experiences. For this reason, LANDCARE MED is always on the move.


LANDCARE MED is on the air!

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